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Sea-Image Corporation represents companies that offer leading edge products.

Sea-Image Corporation was founded in 1992, and our goals since day one have been to find the best in leading edge products and make them available to our customers.  Our initial focus was to serve the marine industry, however some of our products are equally effective in terrestrial environments. We back up our products with top-level service and customer support.


     Product Line

·   WaMoS II® Wave Radar System for Sea State Measurement.

·   Rutter Radar Systems

       - Oil Spill Identification and Management

       - Ice Navigator®

       - Sigma 6® Radar System for Security and Search and Rescue

·   FarSounder® Forward-Looking 3D Sonar System

·   PyroCool® Non Toxic Firefighting Foam

·   FilterGuage® Diesel Fuel Filter Monitor

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WaMoS Wave Radar System

Rutter Radar Systems



Wamos screen Rutter radar Pyrocool FilterGuage Image


Farsounder intro